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A Google search of "dance classes Ermington" led me to N2 Dance. My initial email enquiry was answered promptly and with warmth and friendliness. From this point I was sold on N2 and I've never looked back. My daughter Soraya started 12 months ago with Jazz and has since picked up Hip Hop and Tap. Soraya loves Miss Issy and Miss Elle - they have shown us kindness, trust and flexibility which is so important. Not a day or night goes by in our house where Soraya isn't jazzing, hip hopping or tapping. Soraya says N2 is the best dance school ever! It is very rare to find a place where there is such a strong sense of belonging, where the children are comfortable, happy and encouraged, and are taught and guided by such dedicated and caring teachers. We are very proud to be part of the N2 Dance family.

- Loretta, Soraya's Mum

Olivia had an absolute ball! We listened to her tapping around the house until 9pm last night and then it started again as soon as she got home from school this afternoon. She’s definitely keen!

We’re both looking forward to next week - Olivia for the class, me for the excitement on her face as she walks out at the end!

- Claire, Olivia's Mum

Just want to send through some feedback from not only my experience of the exams...but my daughters. She felt happy, secure & encouraged because of the positive environment you & your whole staff created...This is such a credit to you as the owner and as a person. This could have been a daunting experience but it was the complete opposite.

We are so appreciative we have found such an amazing dance school.

- Miranda, Chrisi's Mum

It's only been a week and Felicity is missing dance class and asking when it'll start again! She has been showing off her ballet skips whenever she gets the chance and has been caught dancing about open cafe floors 😅

- Faith, Felicity's Mum

Hello Miss Issy, I bet you had a very busy week with the return of the dance classes!

I wanted to thank you, and Miss Elle for running great, fun classes! Chloe absolutely LOVED trialling all the classes!! ❤

- Jasmine, Chloe's Mum

Hi Isabella. It was so nice to meet you also - Arianna has been counting down the days til dancing since Friday

- Bianca, Arianna's Mum

You have provided the people of Parramatta LGA with an amazing School Holiday Program…All your score were in the top 2 categories.

- Avril Taing, City of Parramatta

Thank you for the amazing year, and for being so supportive, the girls really enjoyed themselves and are both excited to go back to your class...your students are very fortunate to have a passionate and creative teacher like you!

- Angelica, Mia and Emlyn's Mum