Mummy and Me Kinderballet™
Mum and Daughter playing together in a dance class

Mummy & Me Classes

Our “Mummy and Me” program is offered to younger children, aged between 2 and 3½ years of age. It gives Mum (or the primary care giver) an opportunity to join in and share their child’s experience. 

The classes (in term 1 and 2) are not themed, however there is emphasis on use of props and imagery, songs and dancing to music, musical response through movement, basic movement co-ordination of gross motor skills and a minor introduction to a couple of ballet steps.

The environment is relaxed and friendly, with no set costuming and no obligation for little ones to continuously participate. The children are encouraged to participate, working closely with their primary care giver, giving them a sense of security and confidence.

The hope is that the “Mummy and Me” program will be a foundation for the Kinderballet™ program if they choose to continue.


The ‘Tots’ program is for children who are ready to take instruction from a teacher and work independently of their parent. Children are introduced to the idea of working in a group under the guidance of a teacher. 

The program aims to present a ballet class in a way that will keep a small child’s interest by having fun and being imaginative. 

The class offers:

Dancing to music

Use of props (such as ribbons, wands)

Musical instruments

Basic movement co-ordination of gross motor skills

Basic introduction to some ballet steps

An introduction to concepts such as:

Group co-operation

Waiting ones turn

Following the leader

 While it is important to us to give the children a fun and positive experience, we also feel strongly about teaching them the basics of dance. This differentiates us from activities where the goal is predominantly to entertain or just amuse children, sometimes with completely different class content each week.​


The program revolves around a single theme which lasts for a term, allowing the child to become familiar with the routine of the class. This gives them that sense of security and helps to develop particular movement skills through repetition. 

There is a strong narrative that runs through all the themes to keep the children’s interest, while learning the foundations of dance and therefore, learning through the sense of play.​

Class Structure

While there is a very strong theme and narrative which runs through the class, it is structured like a Classical ballet class for pre-school children. Each class is made up of particular elements which make up the basics of all dance classes.

N2 Dance students in their Kinderballet class


The ‘Kiddies’ program is for children who are in their final year of kinder prior to going to school. Children are expected to be more acquainted with working in a group under the guidance of a teacher. 

The program aims to present a ballet class in a way that will keep a small child’s interest by having fun and being imaginative. The programs become a little more complex as the year progresses, to accommodate the children’s preparation for school readiness. While all children have varied co-ordination abilities, we try and aim to teach all children to skip prior to them going to school. 

Next Steps

Take Your Next Steps with Kinderballet™

Following on from the preschool Kinderballet™ programs, “Next Steps” is developed to be an inspiring, challenging and fun approach to learning classical ballet.


Expressing stories through movement – experiencing great traditional classical ballets. Inspires individual response to music and dancing. 


Developing basic classical ballet technique and increasing the range of ballet steps and the ways in which to execute them. 


The emphasis is still on your child’s enjoyment without neglecting the importance of laying solid foundations of dance tuition.

Girl dancing with her mum


The Aspirant program will be for children 8 & up and is written to follow on from Next Steps. 

While still being recreational – for the once-a-weekers – it will become more ballet class focused introducing basic barre work and further developing technique, steps and enchainments.

There will be a performance element to the class with dances and an opportunity for the children to begin doing their own choreography. For more information, please contact us.