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The aim of Kinderballet™ is to introduce the basics of Classical Ballet through imagination and creative movement.​

At Kinderballet™, the children learn classical ballet steps and develop basic gross motor skills through imagery and story-telling. Our programs are strongly influenced by current pre-school education trends in teaching through play acknowledging that pre-school children are a highly imaginative age group with pretend play being an important aspect of child development.


Jazz is a broad style of dance, encompassing many variations: modern, commercial and funk, just to name a few. Jazz dance enhances flexibility, coordination and strength, through technique and skill development. Leaps, turns, kicks, isolations and high energy combos are just some of the elements in our jazz classes. 

Most importantly, jazz is reflective of our pop culture and can be seen in the video clips of today's most popular artists including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Rihanna.


Classical ballet forms the foundation of all forms of dance. A strong focus on technical elements of dance is evident in these classes, achieved through flexibility, stamina, agility, balance and strength - all core elements required across all forms of dance. Maintaining poise, grace and elegance is also nurtured in these classes.


From Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, to the modern day Tap Dogs. Tap is a diverse art form offering students the ability to build coordination in a dynamic and percussive way. Musicality, timing and rhythm are the key skills developed through both traditional and street-style technique.


Made famous by the likes of Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, contemporary is a fusion of ballet and modern dance. Athleticism and expression, combined with abstract concepts, allows for creativity and self development.  These classes incorporate fall and recovery, improvisation and floor work. Typically done in bare feet, dancers are able to freely express themselves through various styles of music.


Learn to tumble, flip & fly in this action packed, fun physical class. Acrobatics is a team-based environment, providing students with the opportunity to build coordination, strength, balance and confidence.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a popular, energetic dance style which incorporates urban street dance such as breaking, freestyle, popping and locking.

3 Hip Hop Dancers form N2 Dance

We follow the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Syllabus for our Ballet, Jazz and Tap Classes. Students will have the opportunity to participate in annual examinations.