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Why Your Kids Should Dance
Are you looking for healthier activities for your child that aren’t as directly exhausting as exercising? Perhaps they find yoga boring? Or maybe they just aren’t an early bird for them to accompany you in your early morning jogs? Say no more, dancing is here to save the day! Dancing is a fun activity for […]
Choreography in Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is a very broad genre that offers a variety of styles, sub-genres, and purposes. One could be a musical fairytale, perhaps a typical rom-com or jazz-oriented entertainment, maybe something that widens the social awareness of its viewers, or even something beyond the mentioned. Musicals today are composed of modernized dance styles and music. […]
Dancing through the pandemic
COVID-19. It may refer to the virus, and as its name suggests, it may also refer to the pandemic that had started in late 2019. According to Wikipedia, the first case of COVID-19 here in Australia dates back to January 25, 2020. In response, quarantine protocols were effectuated in March. Is it just us, or […]