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Gaining Confidence in Dance
If you’ve seen the likes of the reality TV show Dance Moms, you’d know that even the best professional dancers aren’t always oozing with confidence all the time. No matter how many competitions you’ve gone to and the number of trophies on your shelves, you’re still not exempt from forgetting some moves and experiencing stage fright here and there.
Traditional Australian Dances
The history of dance in Australia goes a long, long way. Before we even had the TikTok dance crazes, musical theatres, and basically every form of dance that we enjoy nowadays, our ancestors also had their own moves and styles. While dance primarily serves as a source of entertainment now, it was different before for the Aboriginal Australians that practised dancing as a crucial part of various rituals and ceremonies—up to this day in some parts of Australia.
Activities that Work Well With Dancing
Everybody has their own set of hobbies and interests that they incorporate into their daily lives. For instance, you’re probably on here since you’re an avid fan of dancing. A gourmet-loving person would likely binge-watch cooking shows, and someone passionate about acting is inclined to imitate their favourite actor’s lines.