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How Many Dance Styles Are There?
It’s not really often asked, but just how many dance styles are there? In a world of endless possibilities and thus, limitless variations and different ways to dance, the only answer to the question is a lot! But seriously, how, and why are there so many dance styles? With the art of dance having existed […]
Your Mind on Dance
We have gone on and on with the benefits of dance and how adding it to your daily or weekly routine can elevate and promote a healthy lifestyle. Winter here in Australia had just started this month, and this is us encouraging you to warm up your cold, blue days during the season. If you […]
4 Great Benefits of Dancing for Children
Have you seen your kid shuffle around in their room, tapping or stepping to a beat? If you have, there’s a scientific explanation for it!  According to a recent study, kids love a beat! Children respond to the rhythm and tempo of the music and find it more engaging than speech. So you see, dancing […]