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Dance Blog

Dancing through the pandemic
COVID-19. It may refer to the virus, and as its name suggests, it may also refer to the pandemic that had started in late 2019. According to Wikipedia, the first case of COVID-19 here in Australia dates back to January 25, 2020. In response, quarantine protocols were effectuated in March. Is it just us, or […]
Iconic Dance Crazes Throughout the Years Part 2
Picking up from our last blog, this is Iconic Dance Crazes Throughout the Years Part 2, covering novelty dances from 1980 to the present! If you still haven’t read the prequel to this blog post, you can click this to see it. With that said, let’s get straight into it! The 1980s As music sub-genres […]
Common Dance Injuries: Treatment & Prevention
When dancing is brought up as a topic in a conversation, most people only talk about the dancer’s form, style, and techniques, the music that accompanies them, and the overall effort put into the execution of the choreography. A common aspect of dancing that is often overlooked is the risk of injury—after all, dancing is also a physical activity. Dancing, by nature, places a high demand on the performer’s physical abilities, including muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.