From Monday the 8th May 2023 our Ermington Studio will return to:

Ermington Community Centre, 6 River Rd, Ermington NSW 2115

Dance Blog

Folk Dance: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition
Folk dance is a vibrant expression of culture and tradition, a celebration of the rich heritage of different regions and communities around the world. These dances reflect the unique customs, beliefs, and values of a particular country or region. They are an integral part of social gatherings and are often performed at weddings, festivals, and […]
That’s Entertainment! Iconic Dance Scenes in Films and Television
Dance sequences in film and television can leave a lasting impact on pop culture. When the right combination of choreography, music, and visuals come together, the results can be unforgettable. Some performances become iconic, perfectly capturing the essence of their time while showcasing the incredible talent of the performers.  Let's take a trip down memory […]
What is Modern Dance?
Dance is constantly evolving. While ballet and other classical forms trace their roots back centuries, modern dance emerged far more recently as choreographers began rebelling against the rigid rules of those traditional genres. Unencumbered structures and pedestrian movements transformed into artistic statements full of raw emotions. From this, a dedication to candid expression emerged, with […]