From Monday the 8th May 2023 our Ermington Studio will return to:

Ermington Community Centre, 6 River Rd, Ermington NSW 2115

Dance Blog

The Psychology Behind Dance
Have you ever wondered why certain dance performances leave you spellbound? There's more to dance than just physical movement. Behind the captivating choreography is a deep exploration of the human mind.  Dance mixes thinking, emotions, and culture into a complex tapestry. T In this article, you will learn about dance psychology, revealing the intricate connection between mind, […]
Beyond the Mainstream: 8 Unique Dance Traditions
When people think of dance styles, they usually think of popular genres like hip-hop, ballet, and salsa. However, there are many unique and lesser-known dance forms from cultures around the world. These underappreciated styles often have deep cultural significance and histories behind their movements. From the martial arts-inspired dances of India to the rhythmic contortions of […]
Folk Dance: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition
Folk dance is a vibrant expression of culture and tradition, a celebration of the rich heritage of different regions and communities around the world. These dances reflect the unique customs, beliefs, and values of a particular country or region. They are an integral part of social gatherings and are often performed at weddings, festivals, and […]