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Iconic Dance Crazes Throughout the Years
When you move your body in a particular motion, whether you are or not accompanied by music, you are dancing. Dance is performed when you want to express your ideas and emotions without having to speak words. When you hear a song play, it is also what your body does when it follows what your […]
Common Dance Injuries: Treatment & Prevention
When dancing is brought up as a topic in a conversation, most people only talk about the dancer’s form, style, and techniques, the music that accompanies them, and the overall effort put into the execution of the choreography. A common aspect of dancing that is often overlooked is the risk of injury—after all, dancing is also a physical activity. Dancing, by nature, places a high demand on the performer’s physical abilities, including muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.
Gaining Confidence in Dance
If you’ve seen the likes of the reality TV show Dance Moms, you’d know that even the best professional dancers aren’t always oozing with confidence all the time. No matter how many competitions you’ve gone to and the number of trophies on your shelves, you’re still not exempt from forgetting some moves and experiencing stage fright here and there.