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Setting Up Your At-Home Dance Space
Welcome back to our monthly blog! How was your Easter week? With events and holidays from left to right, it looks like we have a lot of free time on our hands! Why not make your very own at-home dance space or studio? Having a designated space for dance in the very comfort of your […]
Exercises and Warming Up Before Dancing
One, two, three, four. Why hello there! We were just counting our reps. Speaking of counting, we are already three months into the year! Have the events of the past month been fruitful for your career? If not, then maybe you should take a breather to think, then spurt! Though the same could not be […]
The Best Dance Styles for Beginners
Dancing is an interesting art form that many people are interested in. It may be because it’s a good addition to their fitness regimen, a personal hobby, or because they like to party with friends, one thing remains constant. That constant is a problem, the fact that not all people who are thinking of wanting […]