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Welcome to N2 Dance Productions

Located in the suburbs of Ashfield, NSW, Ermington, NSW and Wentworth Point, NSW, N2 Dance Productions is an award winning studio offering quality dance classes in Sydney for children as young as 2 years, through to adults.​ We believe in providing age appropriate classes that allow individuals to explore their creativity through the performing arts. The team at N2 Dance Productions are committed to providing safe and educational classes whilst nurturing a love for dance.​ N2 Dance Productions is also proud to be an accredited provider of the Kinderballet program and the Australian Teachers of Dancing systems of training. Welcome to the N2 family!

Meet your Award Winning Teachers!

N2 Dance is run by sisters Isabella and Elysia Nikodinovski out of their dance studio in Ermington and Wentworth Point. Combined, they have over 35 years of experience in dance specialising in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap.

Isabella Nikodinovski Director of N2 Dance Productions Ermington and Wentworth Point

Tap Classes

Beginner & Intermediate

Classical Ballet

Beginner & Intermediate

Jazz & Hip Hop Classes

Beginner & Intermediate

Lyrical & Contemporary Classes

Beginner & Intermediate


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