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Kinderballet Class, Ermington

Modern & Classic Dance

Welcome to N2 Dance Productions

Located in the suburbs of Ermington, NSW and Wentworth Point, NSW, N2 Dance Productions offers quality dance classes in Sydney for children as young as 2 years, through to adults.​ We believe in providing age appropriate classes that allow individuals to explore their creativity through the performing arts. The team at N2 Dance Productions are committed to providing safe and educational classes whilst nurturing a love for dance.​ N2 Dance Productions is also proud to be an accredited provider of the Kinderballet and TAPfit programs. Welcome to the family!

Meet your new dance instructors

N2 Dance is run by sisters Isabella and Elysia Nikodinovski out of their dance studio in Ermington and soon to launch, Wentworth Point. Combined, they have 35 years of experience in dance specialising in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Tap.

Isabella Nikodinovski - Dance Instructor

Tap Classes

Beginner & Intermediate

Ballet Teacher

Contemporary & Classic Ballet

Beginner & Intermediate

Hip Hop Teacher

Hip Hop Classes

Beginner & Intermediate

Jazz Classes

Jazz Classes

Beginner & Intermediate


New Students at N2 Dance School, Ermington
Kinderballet Mummy and Me at N2 Dance

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