Your Mind on Dance

We have gone on and on with the benefits of dance and how adding it to your daily or weekly routine can elevate and promote a healthy lifestyle. Winter here in Australia had just started this month, and this is us encouraging you to warm up your cold, blue days during the season. If you indeed feel a bit more down since the month started, this may be caused by SAD (yes, SAD), which stands for seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as seasonal depression. This is a common occurrence for us humans because we rely on the Sun to help us release serotonin—a chemical known for stabilizing our mood—and reduced sunlight levels mean reduced levels of this chemical.

Whether you believe you’re affected by the said disorder or just looking up for a fun activity to boost your mood this winter, read the following list on what good lies ahead if you decide to allow at least a single time slot on your weekly schedule for dance!

Improves heart function

Through dancing or doing other physical activities, we are helping our hearts pump more blood. Since the heart is the organ that is responsible for providing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood, keeping the body alive and other organs functioning, along with the brain. Also, studies show that low blood pressure is associated with mental illnesses, which we will get into later.

Good mood, good vibes

It is common knowledge that doing what you want will make you happy, and if you love dancing, then that’s even better! But even so, dancing is known to help your body release happiness hormones, particularly serotonin and dopamine. As mentioned in our older articles, serotonin is associated with regulating your mood, learning, as well as the reward system. On the other hand, dopamine is related to the desire to achieve something or to make a certain phenomenon happen. In other words, dancing makes you happy and changes state your mindset into a more hopeful one, looking forward to positive outcomes. This is how dancing—

Eases and decreases the chances of mental disorders

Continuing from the last key point, multiple studies conclude that dancing is indeed a great way to avoid or cope with mental illnesses. Findings show that dancing can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as not only does it help produce the hormones stated earlier, but it is also known to increase self-esteem and remove loneliness from the equation. By nature, people gravitate towards positive people or someone with shared interests, so you can rest assured that it will only get better from there. Developing your ability to dance with people, especially with strangers, is a good long-term mental health investment. Choose to motivate each other!

Dancing also paves the way to cure addiction to unhealthy habits and substances that also produce the same effect. Only that dancing is natural, healthier, and certainly legal! Try recommending or inviting someone to dance with you, and if they agree, see what happens!

Better brain performance

Overall, dancing is really good for the brain, and thus, for the betterment of one’s mental health. When people say the term mental health, as an umbrella term, they only usually mean the emotional and social aspects. When you say you are mentally healthy, don’t forget that it also comes with how well your brain functions. When you feel numb, that’s your nerves acting up. Have you noticed signs of forgetfulness or feelings of instability? That may be the result of having dull memory or being less mentally fortified. Dancing enables you to overcome the said issues because dancing also exercises your brain. Boosted memory, faster processing speeds, and better functioning are only some of the benefits, as well as clearing brain fog.

And those are just some of the proven ways that dancing was able to help people have better mental health!

So what do you think? That said, we are offering dance lessons for kids, teens, and older people via Zoom! We have a variety of lessons available ranging from elegant dance styles such as ballet and tap to something more casual such as contemporary and jazz! If you’re interested, book a free trial by contacting 0422 939 749, and let us know afterwards whether you’re here to stay for the whole winter or even longer. Stay warm and stay active!