You should attend dance classes

Bored? During the pandemic, we noticed a lot of comments on video tutorials on YouTube, all saying that they watched the video because “COVID brought them there”. People from all over the world have started becoming more active in media sharing platforms, particularly TikTok, browsing and posting dance videos because they had time to kill and wanted to try out something new. 

Even with Covid now shying away from the masses and the “normal” pre-pandemic lifestyle has been rolled back, we still believe that you should take the time to try out new things or extracurricular activities. And if you’re thinking of one, you should definitely give dance classes a shot!

What are dance classes?

Going by the textbook definition, dance class could refer to the group of students who attends the dance education program. However, in this context, we will define it as the various kinds of dance classes that people of all ages and backgrounds can join.  

Why do people attend dance classes?

There are many different reasons why people choose to enrol in dance classes. Children may have been enrolled by their parents so they could begin to recognize the beauty of dance and develop skills in the art at a young age. Dance classes are a great way to ensure healthy growth, flexibility, and better mental capacity by creating good and healthy habits. 

Attending dance classes is also a great way for them to expand their social circles, become more open to people, and learn to respect their instructors. Or maybe they have the desire in themselves to learn and get their happy feet going! 

And, of course, the same goes for teens and adults who also want to reap the same benefits. As grownups, we often have a tiring schedule. Dance classes can help you relieve stress, discharging all the negative energy from your body as you shake it off. More energetic forms of dance, often including repeating steps, have also become a fun alternative or add-on to exercise routines.

There could also be no reason at all but for fun. If you want to come and dance with people, why not, right?

Choosing the right dance class

There really isn’t a correct answer to the question, but you’ll have to consider your capability, what you want, and how much time and effort you’re willing to commit to mastering a certain dance style. For beginners, we had posted a blog in the past that you could check out by clicking here if you’re looking for something fun and easy to learn.

What are dance classes like?

Dance classes are just as much as what you’d expect dance classes to be. Similar to school, the instructors’ schedules are just as organized, and students can just walk in and join the others. While waiting for class to start, parents and children socialize and warm up first. How classes are conducted may vary from studio to studio. Let’s take our Kinderballet program, specifically the Tots section, as an example. The course is aimed at young children, so the instructors are more patient with them. The program consists of activities that allow children to learn basic movements and simple ballet steps by dancing with their instructors. Observation will be made, and the kids will be notified of what they should fix or aim to improve on. 

We also expect everyone to follow proper etiquette to keep things in order. Here’s a small list of dos and don’ts while in the studio:

  • Wear proper dance attire. You are also advised to bring another pair of clothes.
  • Be friendly and cooperative with your fellow dancers.
  • Always be polite and listen to your instructor.
  • Avoid bringing food or beverages other than water. Chugging down drinks may make you feel full and make it hard for you to dance.
  • Don’t cause distractions for others! Turn off your mobile devices and try not to be late. 
  • Accept critique. Your instructors only want the best for you.
  • Have fun! Spread positivity!

You know, it would be so much easier to explain if you just experienced it yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Book a free trial today and tell us what you think of dance classes!