Why Don't People Dance?

It’s November, and that could only mean one thing! We’re a month closer and a month away from our highly awaited year-end program—none other than Presentation Day 2020! Have you read our previous blog about it yet? If not, check it out! If so, keep on reading!

As a premier dance school, we’re immensely exposed to the world of dance. It’s what we do, and it makes up a huge part of who we are, too! N2 Dance Productions was established with our founders’ passion for dance and personality for teaching. And so, we have a lingering question in mind:

Why don’t some people dance?

To answer this, we sought the help of friends and family who are dancers and non-dancers alike. As follows are some of the reasons that they’ve given:

  • Too shy to try!

Dancing, as most people would agree with, requires confidence…and lots of it. Thus, some individuals, no matter how much they might want to, choose not to pursue dancing in fear of being mocked or laughed at in case their moves come off as weird to others.

N2’s tip: It’s worth mentioning that dancing is a form of art, and art isn’t always supposed to stick to rules and be conventional! Just move to the groove...regardless of what others would think. Haters gonna hate! On another note, we do acknowledge that being confident is easier said than done, so if you’re really looking to improve your dancing skills or confidence, give us a call and we’ll give you a hand!

  • Rather be the bystander!

Just because you admire a painting in the gallery doesn’t mean that you want to become a painter yourself. In other words, there are people who like dance but prefer to just be among the audience and admire it from afar.

  • Haven’t got talent!

This is probably the most common answer among our interviewees. Some people aren’t fond of dancing because they lack the skills to do so. Maybe they aren’t as graceful or flexible as they wish to be? Maybe they seem to have two left feet or find it hard to memorise the moves?

N2’s tip: If you can relate to this reason, then that’s something that we can help you with! Do know that even the best performers also had their own share of struggles at some point. It’s totally normal! You might have heard this countless times, but practice does make perfect—or progress, at least! We here at N2 Dance would be more than thrilled to show you the ropes.

  • Dancing just isn’t my thing!

Some people just don’t feel like moving along to any given song, and for them, doing so would just feel awkward and forced. Perhaps they’re more interested in doing other things, like reading, outdoor sports, or playing instruments. Well, need we say more?

Surely, there are more to these four reasons that we have shared. Whatever one’s reason may be, we respect them! And should they want to learn how to dance, we’re here for them. Are you one of these people? Contact us now for a no obligation trial on 0422 939 749!