Songs to Slow Dance To

Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year. You’ve probably given that special somebody flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears before, and you want something new—something extraordinary that will leave a mark on their hearts. What will you be giving them, then?

A dance.

You read that right. A dance.

Because the best things in life aren’t physically tangible—they’re the moments that you hold dear and the memories that you’ll look back on years from now.

Dim the lights. Hold them close. And as for the music? Here are four songs to slow dance to.

  1. Lover – Taylor Swift

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? We present the first track on our list—Lover, from the album of the same name, by the world-renowned wonder that is Miss Swift.

When one says slow dance, our minds can’t help but drift to this. The song is dedicated to her boyfriend of three years, Joe Alwyn, and have you seen the lyrics? It’s like we’ll be hearing the chime of wedding bells in the near distant future.

Lover gives listeners an insight into Miss Americana and London Boy’s relationship, and it’s something that a lot of couples can relate to. Wanting to be with that person forever and not having them leave? Feeling jealous of the others vying to get that person’s attention? Ah, what a magical feeling it is to love and be loved.

Not just that, the beat itself is captivatingly romantic—enough for us single people to want to grab somebody and slow dance with them to this song.

  • Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s soothing vocals undeniably make for an excellent addition to this list. You’ve likely heard his hit ballad “Thinking Out Loud,” so we’ll be skipping that and giving another song of his the recognition that it deserves—Tenerife Sea.

While his best friend Taylor’s song (as previously mentioned) depicts the highs and lows of a relationship, Ed’s is more like a serenade that expresses one’s adoration for their partner.

The title is inspired by the Spanish island Tenerife itself, as Ed compares its lovely blues to his lover’s eyes. And should they be the last thing he sees, he wants her to know that it’s enough for him.

If a song could show how in awe you are of your favorite person, this is it.

  • Oceans Between Us – The Icarus Account

There’s a black and white picture of you in my car. I wonder if love can exist from afar.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to always be with their partner, and not everyone can deal with being physically apart and all the hardships that come with it. This one’s for the couple who’s separated by miles and miles, the ones who have to cross state lines and highways that they’ve never known. People usually doubt that long-distance relationships work, so prove them wrong and keep on going strong!

Dedicate this to the reason you come home, to the one whose arms are where you will stay.

  • Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Whether you’ve only heard this on the radio or intentionally listened on repeat for days on end, there’s no arguing that this song made you feel something. It’s about meeting someone for the first time and being overwhelmed with the power of love, so much so that you start seeing your future with them.

However fleeting the moment may be, the right person would be enough to make a lifelong impact on you. Falling in love is that easy—it just comes in the most unexpected of ways. It’s staying in love that’s difficult, but as long as you both strive to make it work, you’ll likely get to stay with that person until you’re grey and old.

Regarding the inspiration for creating this piece, the singer himself said that “he wanted to write the type of song that guys would want to play for their girlfriends.” Apparently, not only is this a song that you’d want to play but one that you’d consider dancing to as well. Be it slow dancing, jazz, or even hip-hop—dancing is an art. It’s a beautiful means of expression and a lovely way to express your love for someone. Want to master the skill? Call us at 0422 939 749 for a dance trial, free of charge! Happy Valentines!