Why We Love To Dance

People love to dance for many reasons, whether it is to release stress or learn a new skill. If you are considering taking a dance class, here are some of the benefits that come with it.

  • Confidence boost

One of the benefits of dancing is that it’s an excellent confidence booster, especially if you start at a young age. Moreover, since it takes time and

effort to practice new routines and master moves, it instills the virtues of patience and perseverance in children and adults alike. When children see their achievements and capabilities, they are motivated to accomplish even more. They also learn that it's okay to make mistakes and use this as a means to know better. These values are just some of which they can carry into other aspects of life, whether in school or in the workplace.

  • Sense of friendship and belonging

Not only does dancing offer a boost in confidence, but it also allows learners to build friendships in an environment that promotes acceptance and diversity. For children, teenagers, and young adults, this is crucial in their development. Their dance family can be an escape from bad company and support them when they experience issues such as bullying. Furthermore, it also lets them expand their social circle and improve their interpersonal skills.

  • Keep fit and healthy

If you are looking for ways to be fit and healthy, joining a dance class can be a good step in this direction. Dancing is ideal for exercise and training because it involves the whole body. Apart from being a popular form of cardio workout, dance also helps you work on your balance and coordination. Studies show that a 30-minute workout may be all that you need to burn up to 250 calories. Depending on the type of dance, you might even lose more. If you're not thrilled about the idea of spending money on an expensive gym membership, pay for a dance class, and learn a new skill while you’re at it.

  • It's fun!

Dancing is one of the best ways to unwind and release stress. If you enjoy being up and about, signing up for a dance class can be a productive pastime and an exciting way to meet new people. For shy people, dance class could help break the ice and awkwardness of socialisation. The good news is that you can enjoy dancing either alone or with others, for instance, with friends and family.

  • Learn a new skill

Dancing is one of the many skills that people strive to learn. Some learn it because they have a lot of time on their hands and are looking for a new hobby, while some do it because they want to venture into dance as a profession. Whatever your reasons may be for choosing dance, one thing is for sure - you’ll have lots of fun while unintentionally acquiring more skills. If you have a talent for dancing, joining a class will help you nurture your skills in a warm, positive environment.

Why N2 Dance Productions?

If you’re in search of a Sydney dance school that is both fun and professional, then N2 Dance Productions would be the best option. It is founded by sisters Isabella and Elysia Nikodinovski and is based in Ermington and Wentworth Point. With over 35 years of combined dance experience, the two are experts in a variety of dance techniques. They have worked with children and adults, and have mastered the art of teaching and engaging with both groups. Students are encouraged to freely express themselves and learn new ways of being creative, all while having a fun time.

N2 Dance Productions is known for two main dance packages - Kinderballet and TAPfit. While the former is focused on classical ballet, the latter is tailored for those who primarily aim to stay fit and healthy. The dance studio also offers jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary dance classes for persons in all age groups. If you’re looking to enrol yourself or your children for classes, you can visit the N2 Dance official website and browse their timetable for available slots. Their annual subscription is affordable, and students can take advantage of discounts depending on the packages they choose.

Check out the site now to get started on your dancing journey!