N2 Dance Presentation Day

It’s probably safe to say that the terms have been going quickly. We’re quite sure your kids will agree because, after all, they do say that time flies when you’re having fun! It’s already the end of October, and a few weeks from now, we’ll be hosting the most anticipated end-of-the-year performance: The N2 Dance Presentation Day!

Since we’ve launched this program, we’ve watched a mass of proud parents who cannot hold back their wide grins and watch in awe as their little ballerinas wonderfully graced the room. Similarly, it was evident that the youngsters were having the time of their lives, executing the steps that they’ve learned — (sometimes with Mum!)

All that to say, this serves as your written invitation to join Presentation Day 2020 for those enrolled under the Kinderballet Mummy & Me and Tots programs! Read on as we’ve gathered every upside there is to convince you to participate in this exciting activity!


There’s no need for any adjustments. The venue and schedule won’t be any different from regular ballet classes. It’s just another day of enjoyment (but we make it extra special) without any of the hassles! Not only that, but the experience can also help the kids decide should they wish to take part in bigger concerts when they grow older.


It’s no secret that most children have short attention spans and easily get fussy. That’s why we guarantee that the program will be quick—of course, without compromising the quality of the performances and still allowing maximal time for you to watch your kids shine!


Upon seeing pictures of previous Presentation Days, you might have second thoughts as you take your budget into consideration. Don’t let yourself be fooled, though! While the program most certainly doesn’t look low-cost, the cost is relatively low compared to other schools whose fees go above $300!


At N2 Dance, we believe that learning practical skills shouldn’t be all that there is when having classes. We also aim to encourage friendship and kindness between every student, thus, ensuring that we create a safe environment where everyone can flourish, not just as young dancers but also as children who would grow with kind hearts.


There’s no need to stress out on any extravagant outfits! At an additional $55 to the Term 4 fees, your kids will have a brand-new costume that they’d even get to keep! Sounds amazing? We’ve thought of everything to make this incredibly hassle-free!


Since the Mummy & Me and Tots programs are for kids whose ages range from 2 to 5 years, we’ve planned and designed everything in a way that would surely be appealing to them.

Presentation Day is just around the corner, and to say that we are excited would be a total understatement! It’s simply a whole day of delight and dancing as though in a

concert—but without any of the pressure that comes along with it. We’re looking forward to seeing you!