Play It Back! The Dance Trends of 2023

Dance challenges and trends on platforms like TikTok have exploded in popularity in recent years. 2023 is no exception, with new viral crazes emerging constantly. Short videos capture millions of users performing the hottest new choreography, igniting a domino effect as more and more people attempt to recreate the featured dance moves.

Modern mobile apps and social media have created the perfect space for dance and music to intertwine in exciting ways. Both amateur and professional dancers now have an avenue to showcase their talents while teaching must-learn routines to fans worldwide.

So, which dance genres and songs took over TikTok feeds and other social media platforms this year? This article will break down 2023's most popular dances, from mesmerising hip-hop isolations to perfectly synchronised K-pop choreography to pop hits with irresistible beats. Let's play it back!

Sped-Up Music Speeds Through the Charts!

One rising phenomenon advancing dance trends in 2023 is the popularity of taking hit songs and speeding up the tempo. This creates more upbeat and energetic verses—perfect for creating quick and lively choreographies.

TikTok led this charge by enabling its soundtrack feature that allows using the original sound while adjusting elements like pace. The representative for this genre is none other than "Cupid" by FIFTY FIFTY. While the original is already good, everyone enjoyed giving a second chance to cupid with the sped-up version.

Pop Is Still Popping Off!

Pop wouldn't be pop if it weren't popular! Pop music has led dance trends in 2023, keeping its reign as an inspirational genre that motivates movement. With cheerful melodies and driving beats, pop songs compel listeners to get on their feet, whether following a viral TikTok choreography or simply grooving freely.

While what's considered trending changes every week, several pop stars have fuelled major dance crazes this year through their hit singles and albums. Miley Cyrus has topped the ARIA charts for weeks with her new song "Flowers", which has inspired everyone to make their own dance covers with the song.

To emphasise what's pop, as usual, we've seen our fair share of non-locomotive dances this year, and among other songs, one that really stuck was "If We Ever Broke Up" by Mae Stephens, which did you know, was released on the first day of 2023?

In addition to Pop, we also have KPop! For the fans out there, it's a bit disheartening to hear BTS going on a hiatus, but we've been blessed with Jungkook releasing single after single! "Seven" by Jungkook comes with its own choreo practice video online, inspires others to post their dance covers for the song, and other more experienced dancers mix it up by opting for more explosive movement and shuffling. It's not even a month from now, but he has also released "Standing Next To You", which proved to be more than a dance challenge and quite a workout!

For songs with Korean lyrics, girl group NewJeans has only continued to introduce us to new genes in the dancing world, with their chill beats and energetic movements that are quite unlike any other KPop song. Surely, it's not just us getting an ad from YouTube notifying us that it's time to join the #ImSuperShy dance challenge on Shorts!

Rap and Hip Hop Wraps It All Up

Bridging into Rap and Pop, we have "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice, which took the world by storm in late 2022 and continues till this year. The song's catchy beat and clever lyrics have made it a favourite among dancers and TikTok users. The song's infectious energy and relatable message have sparked a wave of creative choreography and dance challenges, solidifying its place as a dance anthem of 2023.

"Paint The Town Red" by Doja Cat has also been on the chart for weeks, and it's easy to see why that is. A common theme among all the covers we've seen incorporates some fancy footwork and "devil horns" gestures made with the fingers, and every now and then, who doesn't want to go bad?

This Barbie Can Dance!

Speaking of Ice Spice, she has also dropped a banger song along where she was featured with Nicki Minaj and Aqua, named "Barbie World". The theatrical release of Barbie last July has caused a surge of new dance trends because it features songs from several Pop artists, bringing together "Barbie The Album".

Going over the soundtrack album, we have a total of 16 new songs, which are all a total vibe. If you're looking for pop with a dash of disco, look no further than the most popular song, Dance The Night, by Dua Lipa. Coming next would be the aforementioned "Barbie World", which blends rap and pop again to give off a "bad like the Barbie" energy.

One of our picks, which we haven't seen many people do, is to dance to "What Was I Made For?" by Billie Eilish, which would make a great song for a contemporary dance entry!

'Tis the Season for Festive Footwork

Like clockwork, holiday cheer brings an influx of Christmas tunes taking over the airwaves in December. And dancing along with jolly jingles has become a staple way to spread seasonal joy on social media.

From perennial favourites like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" - which sparks the infamous video of her "defrosting" as December starts - to relatively modern hits like Kelly Clarkson's catchy "Underneath The Tree", these songs inspire festive choreography as get people into the holiday spirit. Trending Christmas dance challenges feature flashy footwork and flurries of motion set to songs about Santa, presents, mistletoe, and more.

As 2023 draws to a close, festive pop anthems and soulful carols will surely spark joyful dance moments for content creators and casual listeners alike. The holidays just wouldn't be the same without the gift of music and dance uniting us in merry measure!

Back to Moving Forward!

As we wrap up the year, it's clear that 2023 has brought no shortage of viral dance challenges and trendsetting tunes. From Jungkook's difficult dance challenges to Miley Cyrus' response to "When I Was Your Man", pop stars and idols have kept us on our toes with catchy choruses and shareable choreography.

But the party isn't over yet! As we look ahead to 2024, dance enthusiasts everywhere are wondering: what's next? Which artists and genres will shape dance floors in the coming year?

But no matter what 2024 has in store, one thing's certain: dance challenges aren't going anywhere. So, bust out your best moves, pick a viral track, and get ready to play it forward into the new year! Happy holidays, everyone!