From Monday the 8th May 2023 our Ermington Studio will return to:

Ermington Community Centre, 6 River Rd, Ermington NSW 2115

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Experience the Joy of Dance wherever you are

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Online Dance Classes

Weekly Sessions

Each week, whilst we are unable to dance in person, N2 Dance will host a variety of weekly classes for all ages (including for mums and dads).

Be sure to check in regularly for our weekly timetable!


What is KBTV?

KBTV stands for Kinderballet TV. This digital subscription is only $20 a month and offers your child the ability to join Miss Sheryn - Kinderballet's artistic director - on a magical journey of movement and imagination.

What does the KBTV subscription offer?

  • New classes added weekly!
  • Access all dance classes for ages 2-8

Excellent value for families with dancers of different ages

  • Watch as many times as you want

Kids really benefit from watching again and again as their abilities grow!

  • Downloadable fun activities and props you can make at home for your classes!


Essential physical and mental development for your child!

With no lock-in contract, you can cancel at anytime!

So what are you waiting for?

TAPfit™ Online Studio

Why Tapfit Online Studio?

  • No Dance Experience Needed: Yes, You Can Dance! We break everything down step-by-step so you can move at your own pace and feel confident whether you're a beginner or advanced. 
  • Tone Up, Feel Happier, Healthier, More Connected, More Confident & Spark Your Joy Again
  • Have More Energy & Love The Person Looking Back At You In The Mirror
  • Low-impact Options: No Matter Where You Are On Your Health Journey, You Can Get Started Straight Away
  • Have Fun: Have fun, feel empowered and Join a movement where every step of progress that you make is Fun!
  • Dance anywhere, anytime: Join us in the Online Studio and you can dance anywhere at anytime without needing to get to the Gym!

What Do I Get?

  • Over 100+ Dance Workouts​
  • Nutrition Plans & Recipes updated weekly​
  • LIVE Classes streamed straight to your living room​
  • FREE Access to our 28 Day Live Experience Program