Making a Christmas Dance

It's that time of the year again. Christmas is coming soon! And if you've got time to kill, why not use the upcoming holiday spirit to shake up and come up with some festive dance moves?

Now would be the perfect time to prepare for a dance presentation for next month's upcoming events!

Since the occasion only comes once a year, you and your crew better make it count! Here are five things you should keep in mind while designing your show:

For everyone, by everyone.

Let's start with the most important tip! Everyone should be able to partake in the show if they want to, so appropriate everything for everyone!

  • The dance steps should be easy and preferably make use of the same steps so that it is easy to remember. The presentation should be light and not exhaust anyone.
  • Have everyone wear light, comfortable clothes or dance attire. If you are opting for costumes, make sure everyone has their own fit.

It should invite the spirit of Christmas!

"The spirit of Christmas" is something you're bound to hear often during the holiday season, but what exactly does it mean? Though the occasion is known by children for the time they receive material gifts, it's all about how this time spent together brings us a sense of unity and selflessness.

Creating a dance presentation and cooperating with people from start to finish can be challenging but super fun! Along the way, you'll just enjoy the process and have a great time with everyone! 

Choose to involve non-individual dance steps to unify everyone.       

Setting the right setting.

Perfect time, check. Perfect place? Choosing the right place with ample space for everyone to dance without bumping into others makes a big difference. Although now is the season to get warm and fuzzy, that doesn't mean you should choose a cramped space!

While others are assigned to create the choreography and costumes, there should be people helping in making the stage design for added presentation value. Some reds and greens, like balloons, make for a great backdrop.

Right mix, great vibes

It would sound really off if the performers danced without music or the wrong kind of music was played. There are lots of holiday jingles, songs, and remixes that can be found on the Internet that you can choose to dance to. 

While there's no rule book saying you can't play non-Christmas music during a Christmas Dance performance, choose a catchy and cheerful tune that almost everyone is familiar with. 

Be careful not to choose songs with inappropriate themes! You don't want to get on the "naughty list!"

Instead of playing music through the speakers, consider having people play instruments if somebody can for added stage presence.

Prop it up

Be unique! Don't just dance on the stage! Come up with something that can spice up the presentation by adding other elements, such as short skits during the start or in between every intermission. The use of props and other crafts adds creative value to the performance!

Receiving the gift of dance for Christmas

But as always, don't overthink the details. Lose yourself in the performance and have fun!

A bonus: if you're a teacher or an organiser planning an event this upcoming Christmas, having them dance would be fun and educational. Here are some takeaways that not only younglings but everyone can learn by choosing to participate in a Christmas dance presentation:

  1. Knowledge of dance and locomotor movements

Because holidays were never an exception in a dancer's schedule to dance, but rather, an opportunity, taking part will familiarise you with the common dance steps and music used in Christmas-themed dances.

  1. Appreciation for the present moment

As mentioned earlier, the occasion only comes once a year, so why not spend time with your friends and loved ones or make new connections during the festive season? Dancing with others adds to your shared moments with those people, and there is no better time than now!

  1. Staying fit and active

It is important to stay active even during breaks. This reduces the adjustment time when you have to adapt back to normal. Plus, you better lose some weight before the upcoming feasts!

Are you ready for the holidays?

If you are looking for more reasons to dance, you can come and check out our past blogs for the benefits you can reap from dancing. 

If you and/or your child are interested in enrolling in a dance class, ring us on our telephone number: 0422 939 749. We may not be Santa Claus, but we can guarantee a jolly good time during the holiday season!