Annual Registration Fee

Single Student

Family (2 Students)

Family (3 Students)

Additional Siblings

$35 Per Year

$65 Per Year

$75 Per Year

$25 per child per year

2021 Class Fees

15min Add-on Classes

30min Classes

45min Classes

60min Classes

75min Classes

Private Lessons

$5 Per Class*

$14 Per Class

$17 Per Class

$19 Per Class

$22 Per class

Upon Request

2021 Discount Packages*

3 Classes Per Week

4+ Classes Per Week

5% Discount

10% Discount

Terms and Conditions

• Fees listed above include 10% GST

• $100 Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers can be redeemed at N2 Dance Productions – please see staff for more information.

• Fees are charged by the Term and are to be paid in full, prior to or on the date of the invoice

• Fees paid late (after payment date shown on invoice) will incur a $25.00 Late Fee

• Payment Methods include: Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash. Surcharges may apply.

No-Obligation Trial: We offer an obligation-free trial for all our dancers to try out a class of their choosing. This is valid for new students only. You are only charged for the class if you subsequently enrol. If you attend a trial and the class if not for you, then you will not be charged for the class. We do however welcome your feedback.

• Fees listed above are indicative only and are subject to change

* Discount Conditions:

Discounts exclude our 15min Add-On classes

Discounts are per family and will be automatically applied to the invoice

Discounts are only applicable when fees are paid in full and before the Due Date as stated on the invoice

Discounts are applied to class fees only. Registration Fee(s) are to be paid in full and are non-refundable