2022 Fees

Annual Registration Fee

Single Student

Family (2 Students)

Family (3 Students)

Additional Siblings

$35 Per Year

$60 Per Year

$75 Per Year

$25 per child per year

2022 Class Fees

15min Add-on Classes

30min Classes

45min Classes

60min Classes

75min Classes

Private Lessons

$5 Per Class*

$15 Per Class

$18 Per Class

$20 Per Class

$23 Per class

Upon Request

2022 Discount Packages*

2 Classes Per Week

3 Classes Per Week

4-5 Classes Per Week

6+ Classes Per Week

2.5% Discount

5% Discount

10% Discount

15% Discount

Terms and Conditions

• Fees listed above include 10% GST

• $100 Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers can be redeemed at N2 Dance Productions – please see staff for more information.

• Fees are charged by the Term and are to be paid in full, prior to or on the date of the invoice

• Fees paid late (after payment date shown on invoice) will incur a $25.00 Late Fee

• Payment Methods include: Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash. Surcharges may apply.

No-Obligation Trial: We offer an obligation-free trial for all our dancers to try out a class of their choosing. This is valid for new students only. You are only charged for the class if you subsequently enrol. If you attend a trial and the class if not for you, then you will not be charged for the class. We do however welcome your feedback.

• Fees listed above are indicative only and are subject to change

* Discount Conditions:

• Discounts exclude 15min Add-On classes

• Discounts are per family and will be automatically applied to the invoice

• Discounts are only applicable when fees are paid in full and before the Due Date as stated on the invoice

• Discounts are applied to class fees only. Registration Fee(s) are to be paid in full each calendar year and are non-refundable