Dancing through the pandemic

COVID-19. It may refer to the virus, and as its name suggests, it may also refer to the pandemic that had started in late 2019. According to Wikipedia, the first case of COVID-19 here in Australia dates back to January 25, 2020. In response, quarantine protocols were effectuated in March. Is it just us, or has this been the longest 1 year and 5 months of our lives? It isn't just us, right?

With no choice but to adapt, the pandemic has heavily impacted the lifestyles of the general public. Separated from our friends, colleagues, and loved ones, even if we get the chance to meet them in person, we still have to maintain the standard 5 meters of distance between each other. Face masks became the common headwear instead of caps, headbands, and whatnot.

Everyday activities found their alternatives at home. Schools went with online classes, office work became work at home, many had started their own businesses and franchises to cope with the "new normal". Things have changed, and even more so for us within the dance community. With the majority stuck at home and having time to spare, many people found ways to keep their passion for dancing burning bright.

With some gyms having limited open hours and traveling restrictions, people either exercise with workout equipment at home or make do with what they have. The option that's even more fun is dancing to lose that weight you gained from the snacks you hoarded! Dancing is a great way to maintain physical fitness while staying indoors. The only different thing is that if you enjoy dancing as well as improving your health, it's bound to be more enjoyable than traditional routines. There are different types of dance exercises depending on what you aim to achieve. For example, cardio dances that can make you break a sweat are sure to improve your endurance, metabolic rate, and body weight. A well-known sub-type for this is Zumba dance routines. Featuring repetitive and easy-to-follow steps, this type allows for a harmonious balance between fun and efficiency. Besides cardio, there are also ones that focus on improving flexibility and blood flow by incorporating yoga poses— a must after all the time you spent slouching!

Aside from being physically fit, being mentally healthy is essential, especially during these dark times. Many studies have proved that while dancing, the body releases chemicals within itself that are responsible for making the dancer feel livelier and more enthusiastic. Other than that, dancing is known as an effective way to improve self-esteem, thus reducing the risk of social anxiety and depression.

Dancing creates a sense of unity among people. It opens possibilities for newfound relationships and strengthens already-existing bonds. Last but not the least, dancing also preserves your memory and the brain's ability to function. Learning new dance moves keeps your brain fresh, something that's needed when everyday life with the ongoing pandemic becomes similar to a movie on rewind!

For us—no, for everyone—dancing has done just that. With the aid of technology, virtual parties are being held everywhere. Even without group collaboration, you can share your energy and talent around the world with just a webcam or your phone camera; people may even collab with your video alone on particular platforms without you knowing! This activity encourages more and more people to become more open to interaction with other people, and never has this been more important than before. The

gap between us caused by the cease of in-person events has been bridged through social platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and many more.

Speaking of which, here at N2, we know that one's prowess in dancing must be nourished and sustained. That is why we have decided to provide our services while in the comfort of your home. Don't get us wrong, we won't come knocking on your door; we value you and your children's good health and safety as much as our personnel! Through online classes on Zoom that are easily accessed through a computer or mobile devices, you and your children won't be able to miss out on the usual active learning routine.

Whether you're an old customer or looking for a healthy activity for you and your kids, please don't hesitate to inquire through this page. We assure you that nothing has changed (except the hassle to dress up, drop, and fetch the kids, of course). This also goes out to those curious people who keep on searching for tutorials on YouTube to show off to their friends once everything goes back to normal. We know that feeling too, and we're here for you! Give us a call at 0422 939 749, and together, let’s dance through this pandemic!