Setting Up Your At-Home Dance Space

Welcome back to our monthly blog! How was your Easter week? With events and holidays from left to right, it looks like we have a lot of free time on our hands! Why not make your very own at-home dance space or studio?

Having a designated space for dance in the very comfort of your own home, which could also be used for other physical and recreational activities, is great to have! It saves you the time and effort of going outside to a dance studio or the park, equipment and replenishment are at your hands’ reach, and you wouldn’t have to risk going outside since Covid is still hanging around the corner.

Ready to set up your own indoor dance space? Not that there’s a problem with dancing in your backyard, but this guide is specifically made for the former. Here are the things you should consider:

Space allocation

Of course, you have to decide how wide the space will be, both horizontally and vertically. Preferably a whole room, you have to take into factor all possible genres you may dance or other activities that you will use the space for. Just make sure that your hands won't hit the ceiling if you jump with your arms stretched upward, or hit the wall after two consecutive leaps in one direction.

But how do you make space? Of course,there are multiple things and furniture lying around. We suggest that if you have a proper storage room, you could set aside things that are either easy to put back, or you won’t make use for a long while. Better yet, reposition your furniture in a way that makes it less cramped in your home. This is also why you should consider foldable equipment if you’re buying one.

Where to set up

For this part, you have to think strategically, but it heavily depends on how much you want to transform a certain space in your house. You could just pick an area and put away furniture to make it available, but you could also install equipment like speakers or mirrors. For picking a place, we suggest that you take in mind:

· how far the refrigerator is (we wouldn’t want you crawling to your fridge, dehydrated after a session—otherwise have a water jug)

· where your television is for guide videos or live sessions, or a table to place your devices

· windows that provide ventilation

· the durability of the floor you’re stepping on (we recommend setting up on the first floor of your house for safety and to avoid creating noise)

· mirrors, at least one in your front, so that you could assess and determine if you need to correct your posture and placement

Make your move

Once you’re all tidied up, all you have to do is to get accustomed and set your mind to be motivated because you’re dancing in a space designated for the deed! Try moving around, see yourself in the mirror while doing so, perhaps invite some friends and family members to dance with you? And if you haven’t, why don’t you consider joining us in one of our sessions? We provide online dance classes through Zoom, and we’ll be delighted to have you book a free trial! It’s time to hit the “house floor”!