Christmas Jams: Christmas Songs to Dance To

Christmas is here, and by now, you’re already probably feeling it in the air! Perhaps it’s the Christmas lights illuminating the homes at night, or you’ve recently just attended a Nativity play at school. There may be a lot of Australian Christmas traditions, but what signifies the occasion for us are the Christmas carols that are sung and played from early November throughout December.

As a dance school, music plays a huge part in our lives, and that includes the special songs that mark the start of the Christmas season! For our year-end blog, we’ll be talking about Christmas Jams: Christmas Songs To Dance To!

1. All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

Does it feel like you’ve been hearing this song for so long already? As though it keeps playing every single Christmas? Well, that’s because it was actually originally released way back in 1994! You read that right, this Christmas staple is already 26 years old. On its initial release, it peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. And guess what? As of writing, it’s currently on the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and Global 200!

It’s been almost three decades of this song, and yet, it still continues to outperform relatively newer Yuletide songs. With the Queen of Christmas’ powerful vocals and the song’s upbeat vibe, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

2. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

Apparently, critics have compared the pop superstar Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey in terms of the similarities in their whistle notes and wide vocal range. Both of their Christmas songs are also very popular, not only in America but also globally… Is it just us, or do you also seem to notice a pattern here? 👀

Anyway, you’ve also probably sung or danced along to this R&B song at some point. It has reached Top 20 in several countries, including Australia, and peaked at the 17th spot in The AR1A Charts. She first announced the new song on a Tweet, saying, “putting out a kewt Christmas song for u on nov 24th called Santa Tell Me! lil something for the holidays 🙂 so excited #10DaysTilSantaTellMe.” She wasn’t wrong at all, because it really is a kewt, cheery Christmas song that you can definitely dance to!

3. Last Christmas – Wham!

Up for some Christmas blues?  Then let this Christmas classic do the trick. Similar to All I Want for Christmas Is You, Wham!’s 1984 hit—which, believe it or not, is 10 years older than the former—has stuck to the masses even long after its release.  Biologically, they do say that we humans like pain, so it’s a no-brainer that we’re deeply in love with a song depicting a holiday heartbreak.

Though it may not be as lively as the first two, it should be noted that dancing isn’t exclusive to the energetic, fast-paced categories, such as hip-hop. Perhaps you might want to be experimental and choreograph something jazzy to go with the song?

4. My Only Wish (This Year) – Britney Spears

For this year, what’s your only wish? Well, Britney’s is to have someone to love and someone to hold this Christmas season!

Deemed the “Princess of Pop,” Britney Spears surely produces a lot of bangers—slang for energetic songs that you can easily dance to. Among her popular ones are “…Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, and “Circus”. However, just in time for the season, get into some teen pop from two decades ago with “My Only Wish (This Year)”!

Though it may not have made the charts here in the country, we aren’t lying when we say that this song is such a great one to dance to. Trust us, before writing this particular number, we listened to the song and somehow just lost control, letting the festive grooving take over…

What other Christmas songs do you want to dance to? If you’re ever having trouble dancing to them, reach out to us for a free dance class trial on 0422 939 749. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!