The Benefits of Dance

Dancing is one of the best activities for your body and mind. Studies on the benefits of dance show that it significantly promotes mental health due to its proven ability to elevate moods. As soon as you start moving to a beat, your brain sends numerous signals to your nervous system, which activates most of your senses. Like any light and regular cardio exercise, dancing will increase your stamina, it will boost your muscle development, and improve your cardiovascular activities. Dancing is also a great way of socialising and meeting new people. Even though dance is about recreation, self-improvement, and self-expression, it bears essential health benefits to students of any age.

Benefits of Dance

Dance has both mental and physical benefits which can be gained from many types of dance techniques.

Our Sydney dance studios offer·        

  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Contemporary

Each of these styles has their own benefits that you can reap. Some health benefits with dance include;

  • Improving your cardiovascular activities by enhancing the flow of blood through your body.
  • Improving your breathing, your aerobic fitness, and the condition of your lungs.
  • Helping with muscle development and strength.
  • Assisting in burning calories and playing a vital role in weight management.
  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis by helping you develop stronger bones.
  • Facilitating an improved level of agility, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Helping kids to improve their balance, physical confidence, and mental abilities.
  • Mental development facilitates a generally healthy psychological well-being.
  • Developing self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and better social skills.

Dancing is one of the greatest things in life (it’s definitely our favourite)!

However, it can be daunting for anyone who doesn’t know how to dance, and if that sounds like you, then we have the solution for you.

N2 Dance Productions is the best Sydney dance studio where you can sharpen both your skills and those of your children.

Dance is always better to learn at a younger age. That is why N2 Dance Production focuses on teaching kids as young as 18 months through to mature adults.

About N2 Dance Productions

N2 Dance is a Sydney dance studio that provides individuals with an opportunity to explore their creativity through dance and the arts.

Isabella Nikodinovski founded N2 dance with the help from her sister Elysia, and they have been paving the way forward to success ever since. The sisters have a combined dance experience of more than 35 years and they push to provide top-notch dance training using basic approaches for beginners through to advanced training for those looking for the extra challenge. Isabella Nikodinovski and her sister run their schools both in Ermington and Wentworth Point using the skills that they have acquired through the years, they are trained, certified, and have performed on various genres of dance and performing arts. Apart from working with children, the sisters provide cutting edge dance training to adults. With their newly developed dance exercises, you can and will kill two birds with one stone by dancing for fun and working out at the same time.

N2 Dance Productions is an accredited provider of the TAPfit™ and Kinderballet™ programs, which are essential dance development programs with the latter catered towards children and the former for adults looking for a high energy workout and enjoyment routine. Offering a versatile dance program with a new and exciting approach to dancing, the main aim of the TAPfit™ program is to offer the most valuable dancing classes while incorporating various fitness techniques. TAPfit is a full-body dance exercise program where users wear specially designed ‘feet beats’ on their shoes so that they can create their own music as they dance. Combining dancing with cardio, strength training, and conditioning, with TAPfit, you will hear every step of your progress.

Dance is a culture that is loved and performed for both social and sporting activities. Dance competitions attract the attention of millions, who are thrilled by the skills of professional dancers. Even if you cannot dance at these levels, it is essential to adopt a culture of dance because of the numerous benefits it offers. N2 Dance Productions is the most reliable Sydney dance studio where you can comfortably learn while benefiting from the advantages of programs like TAPfit.