12 Gift Ideas for Dancers

It’s that time of the year again. Good vibes, bright lights everywhere. It’s the spirit of Christmas! How’s your December been so far? We hope that you’re safe and cozy with your families during this holiday season. We don’t mean to interrupt your well-deserved rest. However, we also hope that you haven’t become a couch potato and are still engaging in physical activities. It’s best to lose weight before you pig out during Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Anyway, other than food, the celebration and all the décor is the one that everyone—especially the kids— have been waiting for. It’s the season for giving! Have you thought of the people to whom you want to give a gift? Are you already decided on what to gift them? Let’s get to the point. Is the receiver a dancer or is engaged in physical art? And no, you still haven’t decided what to give them. That’s what this blog post is for! This is “10 Gift Ideas for Dancers”!

But first, here’s what you need to consider for your personalised gift:

                1. The genre they dance

You should take into account the genre that your recipient dances. It’s the difference between giving baggy clothes or a tutu to someone you know is into hip hop. You have to match it with what you think they can put to use! But who knows, maybe gifting the tutu can awaken something within them?

                2. Other activities they do

Do they have any other hobbies aside from dancing? Or maybe there are other physical or recreational activities they engage in? You can give them something that can help them up their game in these other activities. Speaking of games, Adidas has recently released Xbox-themed sneakers to commemorate the console’s 20th birthday. Talk about dancing while flexing your gamer status!

                3. Who you are to the person

Are you a relative? A co-worker? An acquaintance? How close are you to the person? How well do you know them? It is essential because what you give will be something that your recipient will remember you by. If you are not confident in how well you know the person, you can give a gift that everyone likes in general. Examples include clothes, tumblers, or a mug.

                4. The person’s age

Continuing from number 3, you should consider how old your recipient is. You wouldn’t want to give someone an adult-sized t-shirt or something that’s too mature for their age. Nowadays, it’s effortless to know what young people like through social media. If the person is near or above your age range, it should be a no brainer.

                5. Walk the extra mile and find out what they like

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the same preferences in what gift to receive. You may be as old as the recipient, but that does not mean that you should gift something that you like as if the golden rule is applied that way! Try asking other people close to them what they want, or try to analyze it through what they do throughout the day. But ultimately, you shouldn’t worry way too much.

Already thought of what you wanted to give to your special someone? You’re welcome! But if you still haven’t made up your mind, let’s move on to the gift suggestions!

               1. Dancewear

Dancewear is a popular gift choice among dancers because aside from being very specific, it could also be in general depending on the dancer’s genre or other preferred details such as colours or size. It is also something that is sure to be used; just make sure that the design is something that will make them want to wear it!

               2. Shoes

Next up are shoes! Footwear follows the same rules for dance attire. The difference in shoes are, although they can be used more often without having to be washed like clothes, you have to know the size of your person’s foot! Clothes can always be appropriated to fit their wearer well, but it would be problematic if everyone’s watching the person trying to fit baby shoes on their feet.

               3. Accessories

Accessories always come in handy. It could be fashion accessories or jewellery to become the cherry on top for a cool or an elegant look, it could be a headband to keep hair away from the eyes, or a  dance belt for male ballet dancers. There are many other options!

               4. Perfume

What is that smell? Ah, let’s just call it the smell of hard work! Perfume is a nice gift for people who sweat a lot because of often engagement in physical activities. Other than smelling good, did you know that perfume can also make someone feel more confident? Also, if the recipient likes the smell, then it’s not the only thing that lingers, but also the thought of you, who gave the gift to them!

               5. Diary notebook

Diaries are a popular pick, especially among young girls. Having something to write on will not only let you set goals and keep track of what you’ve done for the day, but it also becomes an outlet for your thoughts and emotions. This can help children process their feelings better and help them become self-aware, developing a positive personality.

               6. Water bottle

A bottle, unlike a mug, is basically portable, refillable water. For someone who goes outside to dance, sports, or other recreational activities outdoors, it is important to have water readily available to avoid dehydration and exhaustion. We don’t mind it if you give us mugs this Christmas, but you can also use them indoors if you don’t want to always have to go to the fridge or the water dispenser!

               7. Sports bag

Now it would be weird if you travelled to your gym or attended classes while holding all the items mentioned above. If you can’t choose from the latter, then why not give them a bag?  A sports bag is a great way to carry equipment and gear, such as shoes, clothes and some food. A sports bag is helpful because it makes getting ready for practices easier. You can just grab the bag and go without having to carry a bunch of different items separately. This is especially helpful when you have multiple practices in one day.

               8. Exercise equipment

Whether your recipient dances professionally or just for fun, exercise equipment is always a good gift idea as it’s always advised to stay physically fit to avoid the risk of an injury during performance accidents or other health complications. There are many different types of equipment available. You can buy a whole kit to let the person have their way,  or maybe a yoga mat and ball if they practice yoga.

               9. Massage gift certificate

For someone who works muscles more than the average person, we bet that your recipient would love to take a break and go on a trip to the masseur. Massages are great for reducing stress, relaxing muscles and increasing your overall feeling of well-being. Massage therapy can also help improve blood circulation, which is essential for the delivery of nutrients to the muscles. The next time you step on the dance floor, they’ll feel lighter and more flexible because their muscles are stiff no more!

               10. Music streaming platform subscription

Dancing is always accompanied by music. Be it upbeat or sultry, your body moves along the notes. So, what better gift is there than to give a dancer than a music streaming platform subscription? Platforms such as Spotify and YouTube Music are a haven for different kinds of music. From modern songs to music for social dances, your dancer will have a wide range of tunes to dance to. You could even join them as they groove to their favourite sounds. Gifting your dancer a subscription is almost a no brainer, and they might also like listening to podcasts, so there’s that.

               11. Tickets to dance shows

Shows exist not only for entertainment but for inspiration as well. Motivate your dancer by inviting them to see dance shows with you. If they hit a dead-end or are passionate about the art of moving, then dance shows could uplift and boost their spirits. It will also stimulate their brain by making them conjure up visual images throughout the dance. Watching shows with them could even reignite the lost spark for dancing or become fuel to an already intense flame. The moment they see themselves in the show is the moment you can say it was the best gift you could have given.

               12. Dance classes

We think that dance classes can open a new chapter in the lives of people, so why not give a gift certificate for a specific course? Attending dance classes is a great way to get in shape, meet new people, and have fun. The beauty in dancing is that age, physical composition, and experience doesn’t matter. One can find and improve themselves as dancers and people during the activity.

If somehow you made it through this blog post and still haven’t decided on what to give to your special someone, then maybe it doesn’t have to be something that’s related to dance at all! Try thinking outside of the box. We’re sure that no matter what you give them, as long as the gift comes from the bottom of your heart, they are sure to love it!

On the other hand, if you decide to give them something from the above suggestions, you are very much welcome! If that special gift is letting someone attend dance classes, we are proud to recommend our services—don’t worry, leave it to us! We might not be Santa to give smiles by giving gifts, but rather, we nourish the gifts that our customers already have! Our classes, suited for ages two and above, are rolling out again next 2022. We offer a wide range of courses, ranging from ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap and contemporary dances. For more information, you can check out the timetable by clicking this!

Our next time slots are still weeks away, so just sit back and enjoy the hot cocoa for now. Happy holidays!